Monday, August 8, 2011


White with Black Polka

Who says longsleeves are only meant for work?

Smooth satin back!

Light Blue

Hard to find these shade of blue. So vintage and pure sweetness

Sexy black!

Model is wearing Je t' aime (Telephone)

Puffy sleeves with tulle underneath

Sweet pink. Oo la la

Bambi Eyes II is just so RETRO RETRO RESPECT! Just love the vintage polka prints and the high neck collar which is oh so regal and elegant. The puffy sleeves which have tulle on the inside are just so brilliant giving you the strong shoulder look. This top has superb high quality chiffon + satin material. It’s perfect to be worn with just about anything such as hotpants, skinny jeans and sexytary pencil-skirt to the workplace. One can still look ravishingly sexy in this 60s inspired longsleeve top. We can never ever get tired of these marshmallow polka dots. Moreover, this top is made in Nipponland, Japan.

* Inspired by Topshop, ZARA and ASOS * Fits UK 4 – 8 * High quality chiffon + satin (back) * Puffy sleeves with tulle in the inner side * Length: 24” from shoulder to hem
* Colours available: White [SOLD OUT] Blue [SOLD OUT] Black [LAST PIECE] Pink [LAST PIECE]

RM 50 only

*Made in Japan*

*psst, we do have bambi shorts in our SALE section*