Thursday, November 17, 2011


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We would like to inform you ladies that the Storewide SALE is still on!!!

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Friday, November 11, 2011


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We couldn't thank you enough for your awesome reviews! Special thanks to Fashion Clicks & A Shopaholic's Den for featuring our beautiful masterpieces!!


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Hello darlings,

As you can see, we have UPDATED!!! Dresses to kill, palazzo pants to sweep you off your feet, there are lots to choose from not to mention our SALE items!!!

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Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Like Pitbull puts it, "I like my women sexy, classy, sassy, powerful yes" We've found a winner here! This dress is simply divine! Comes in 4 gorgeous colours, this dress is ready to perk up your assets and confidence to the next level. Bondage dress can never look this sexy + sweet in these unusually brighter-than-sunshine-poppy colours!

* Inspired by Herve Leger, Supre, ASOS

* High quality cotton [ very stretchable]

* U neck

* Sexy back with a deep valley peekaboo

* Fits UK 4 - 12

* 30.5" from shoulder to hem

* Comes in turquoise [LAST PIECE] pink [SOLD] red [SOLD] blue [SOLD]

RM 47 only


Model is wearing Safari Palazzo

Need I say more? The pictures speak for itself already. Totally in awe over the sexy leopardy prints. Smack on some red lipstick and some great shoes and tote and you are ready to drop some heads! This leopard chiffon top has asymmetrical hems and it's easy to pair with. Wear it buttoned or unbuttoned, it surely does wonders to your ensemble

* Inspired by Gucci, Prada, LV, YSL and other high end brands

* High quality chiffon

* Asymmetrical hems

* Fits UK 4 - 12

* 19.5" from shoulder to hem (front)

* 26" from shoulder to hem (back)

* Colours available: Beige [LAST PIECE] Dark Brown, Light Brown, Coffee [LAST PIECE]

RM 45 only


Spotted: Miss Selfridge Textured Dress

Textured Body Hugging Dress in Olive

Brighter than Sunshine Yellow

Lovely dress for a red carpet event this piece is. The fabric is textured so beautifully that it cuts off a few pounds from how you normally look. The fabric and the cutting win HANDS DOWN. This dress is short but it's elegant and not scandalous. You can't go wrong with a Miss Selfridge inspired dress anyway.

* Inspired by Miss Selfridge

* Cotton

* Textured fabric

* U - neck

* Fits UK 10 - 12

* 28.5" from shoulder to hem

* Colours available: Olive, Yellow, Blue [LAST PIECE] Almond

RM 40 only


Purplish Blue

Virgin White

Red Devils

Sexy Black

Colour block dresses are hot favourites with designers and celebrities as certain colours, when put together in a correct way, can create a great silhouette that makes you look several pounds less than what you are! This is one helluva unique dress we have found and we totally love all the colours! The colours are cleverly mixed and the cuting of this dress is just to-die-for. Doesn't the colours just scream RETRO & VINTAGE? Comes with side sewings to accentuate the waistline, this dress has 2 tones (colour block & plain) It is also irreversible!

* Inspired by Lacoste, Michael Kors, ASOS, Karen Millen

* High quality jersey + lycra mix

* Square neckline

* Hidden side zipper

* Fits UK 4 - 10

* 30.5" from shoulder to hem

* Colours available: Purplish Blue [SOLD OUT] White [LAST] Red [LAST] Black [SOLD OUT]

RM 50 only