Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Up close of the telephone, complete with the telephone cable and France flag!

Luxe bag. Model is wearing Laduree

Vintage long necklaces with quirky trinkets, this is a MUST HAVE in every girl’s wardrobe. These vintage necklaces are made of high quality and these trinkets are highly sought after which are The Almighty Eiffel Tower, Old School Telephone (made famous by Lady Gaga) and Luxurious Handbag

* Brass * Comes with diamantes for that added glamazon in you * Chain length: 15.25”
* Designs available: Luxe Bag [SOLD OUT] Eiffel Tower [SOLD OUT] Telephone [LAST PIECE] * Luxe Bag (Length: 1.75” Width: 1”) * Eiffel Tower (Length: 2.5” Base: 1.5”) * Telephone (Length: 1” Base: 0.75”)

RM 38 only