Monday, August 15, 2011


Model is wearing Chiffon Basic in Cobalt Blue with Chiffon Skirt which is on SALE

Who can ever forget Audrey Hepburn? The ever famous, classic beauty who shook the world with her gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent LBD (Little Black Dress). The ever gorgeous style and beauty icon have inspired so many to dress fashionably. Oh she also made Tiffany & Co famous too! Now, you can feel the late Audrey Hepburn by just wearing this vintage necklace around your neck. A vintage long necklace is a fashion item in our MUST- HAVES list. Look out for more vintage necklaces here and here

* Brass * Lobster claw clasp * Chain length: 15.25”
* Length: 2.5” Width: 1.5” [LAST PIECE]

RM 38 only