Saturday, August 27, 2011


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Monday, August 15, 2011


Cobalt blue! Model is wearing turquoise chiffon skirt which is on SALE!

Model is wearing vintage Audrey Hepburn necklace!



Model is wearing Pink Lilies shorts

Sexy fuschia!

Model is wearing chiffon skirt which is on SALE

Inspired by Topshop, this chiffon basic U-neck top goes well with anything at all. It’s the season to colour block. If done correctly, you can definitely wow the crowd the right way without looking like a clown. This chiffon top comes with dual lining and dual tone too. It’s relax fit style is flowy, soft and feminine. Don’t be afraid to don bright colours as it can compliment any skin tone if paired appropriately. Perfect to be worn on first dates without looking over the top, classes, workplace with a blazer onto it and great to be worn to the beach too

* Inspired by Topshop, ASOS and Zara * Chiffon * Comes with inner lining with dual tone (white for mint and black for the rest) * Fits UK 4 – 12 * Length: 23.5” from shoulder to hem
* Colours available: Blue [SOLD OUT] Coral [LAST PIECE] Mint [LAST PIECE] Fuschia [SOLD OUT]

RM 42 only


Design 1

Design 2

Love the kaleidoscope of colours creating optical illusions that captivated us from afar. So vintage, so colourful, the patterns and confetti colours are so amazing!

* Plastic with brass casings *High quality*
* Designs available: Design 1 [SOLD OUT] Design 2 [LAST PIECE] * Size: Approximately like a 20-cents coin

RM 18 only