Tuesday, July 26, 2011



Diamante heels

Summer Chanel earrings in Red

Classic Black & White

When in Paris, do what the Parisians do. You will need a designer handbag, good pair of designer shoes and not forgetting, CHANEL. CHANEL perfume, CHANEL shoes, CHANEL handbag, CHANEL cosmetics and everything CHANEL. The CHANEL craze is viral, happening to every corner and region in the world. These beautiful earrings will realize part of your craze, the humble and modest way. Put on these accessories for the added glam in your ensemble

* Inspired by Chanel * Size is approximately/smaller than a 5 cents coin
* Designs available: Black & White C [SOLD OUT] Red C [SOLD OUT] Brown Handbag + Pumps [LAST PIECE]

RM 18 only