Monday, January 16, 2012


Hey'all fashionistas,

Here are nominees for BEST DRESS [in no particular order] which are oh-so-perfect for CNY!!

Which do you think would win BEST DRESS? :) *too caught up with the Golden Globes fever* teeheehee

We really love the red hot vava voom cutting and retro-ish front with colours so vibrant that reminds us of the USA flag! Colour blocks are really brilliant as they shape your body and create a slimmer illusion :)

Amazing colour blocking!

Golden yellow bodycon dress inspired by Miss Selfridge! For you fashionistas between UK 8 to UK 12, this is the dress for you!!! Textured fabric adds a touch of love & glamour! Get it now or regret later

Turquoise bodycon with a SEXAY back! Apparently blue is the colour of good luck for the caucasians. You might want to try a a different colour this year if you are the type who wants to be different and cannot conform to traditions :)

Now, this is the perfect one for CNY. Not only is it stylish and sweet, it's also practical for the super hot weather and the continous house visiting and to wear a dress is just too hard to handle, right ladies?

Which is your favourite dress babes?

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